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What is big data and why its needed?

It is important to realize that big data comes in many shapes and sizes. It also has many different uses – real-time fraud detection, web display advertising and competitive analysis, call center optimization, social media and sentiment analysis, intelligent traffic management and smart power grids, to name just a few. All of these analytical solutions involve significant (and growing) volumes of both multi-structured and structured data. Many of these analytical solutions were not possible previously because they were too costly to implement, or because analytical processing technologies were not capable of handling the large volumes of data involved in a timely manner. In some cases, the required data simply did not exist in an electronic form. New and evolving analytical processing technologies now make possible what was not possible before. 

Examples include:
New data management systems that handle a wide variety of data from sensor data to web and social media data.
Improved analytical capabilities (sometimes called advanced or big analytics) including event, predictive and text analytics.
Faster hardware ranging from faster multi-core processors and large memory spaces, to solid-state drives and tiered data storage for handling hot and cold data.

Supporting big data involves combining these technologies to enable new solutions that can bring significant benefits to the business.



openSUSE Project, Germany


VIGNESAN SELVAM, Technical Ambassador,

openSUSE Project, India

Event Schedule:

9:00 AM - Registration Verification
9:30 AM - Refreshment
10:00 AM - Basics of openSUSE Linux
10:30 AM - openQA/YaST
10:45 AM - Scientists and Engineers Repos
11:00 AM - What is Big Data?
11:15 AM - Installing JAVA, Scala, Apache Spark
11:45 AM - Setting Up Tools
12:00 PM - Break
12:30 PM - Basics of Scala
1:00 PM - Working on Spark
1:30 PM - Panel Discussion
2:00 PM - End of workshop

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1. Stickers

2. Certificate

3. Free Tutorials

4. Event Materials

5. openSUSE OS DVD

6. Open Source Projects

7. Three months linux academy subscription

8. One year cloud subscription worth Rs. 20,000


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